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The Newport Rotary Club is proud to support the Women's Resource Center
Domestic Violence is extremely common in Rhode Island. Did you know that in a given day, you might cross paths with as many as 20 domestic violence victims, and have no idea? They are hidden in plain sight, and likely they are in your life. The next time you see a woman frustratedly juggle three children in the supermarket, and wonder why she doesn't get a babysitter, consider this: Maybe it is safer in the supermarket. 
WRC has developed the knowledge, skills and resources to safely remove women and children from abusive households. It is surprisingly tricky, because as much as they aren't safe at home, trying to leave might be even more dangerous. And what's more, staying out is not easy, because abusers have rights too, including parental rights, and the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. 
You can make an ENORMOUS difference. Be an Active Bystander. And make at least a small donation. Knowing how to spot the signs, the right thing to say, and the right time to say it, could be be what gets someone out of this terrible environment. What's more, it does not take a lot of money to rescue someone, but it does take some. Even a small donation might be what pushes it over the edge for WRC to get one more woman and her children into safety, and on the road to being able to provide for themselves and stay safe.
We have created a fundraiser for WRC in conjunction with this summer's Polo Magazine. Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 and have at least 1,000 unique contributors for WRC this summer! All donations are 100% tax deductible, Women's Resource Center is a 501c3 charitable organization. 
Please read our article for more info in the 2020 Newport Rotary Polo Magazine! And please please, Donate Now!