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Every year, the Rotary Club of Newport sponsors the Newport Polo Club and the Newport International Polo Series by publishing the Polo Magazine in conjunction with Newport This Week.

The Polo Magazine is distributed all spring and summer long. It is distributed alongside Newport This week at all of their major locations on Aquidneck Island. It also serves as the program for all spectators attending any polo matches throughout the season. The magazine details the game, the club, and the series. It gives biographies of all of the players in the club. In recent years, we have begun to include content about Rotary, with a focus on the difference that local and nearby Rotary clubs are making in our communities.

This magazine raises funds through advertisement. Local businesses and organizations gain unparalleled exposure for their advertising dollar due to the long duration and wide distribution of the publication. The publication is distributed from May through September via the following channels:

Advertising funds pay for the publication itself. They are also the primary source of revenue funding the Newport Rotary Club's Rogers High School scholarships and other charitable gifts that we make to community minded organizations in need.

If you are interested in advertising, please download the form to the left and submit it according to the enclosed instructions.