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Students: Please download the letter and application using the links on the left.

Each year, the Newport Rotary Club awards three scholarships to Rogers High School students continuing on to college. Two of these, the Anthony Spiratos / Herb Epstein Scholarships, are one-year scholarships; one is for $4,000 and the second is for $2,000. The third, the John Drake Newport Rotary Trust Scholarship is a four year scholarship in the amount of $1,000 per year

The specifiations for these scholarships are as follows:

Spiratos/Epstien Scholarships: Two scholarships, for $2,000-$4,000 each, for one year.

These are awarded to graduating seniors who are entering an accredited two year or four year program. One will be awarded to a student entering a program directed to qualifying the student for employment in a specific occupation. The other will be awarded to a student entering a program leading to an academic degree in the arts, sciences, or engineering. The recipients must: show financial need; demonstrate academic success; and exhibit  productive use of time outside the classroom in both school and community. The higher-value scholarship will be awarded to the more qualified student.


John Drake Scholarship: Up to $4,000, disbursed as $1,000/year for up to four years.  

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who is entering an accredited two or four year program leading to a degree in the arts, sciences, engineering, or a specific occupation.  The recipient must:  exhibit productive use of time outside the classroom (especially in school and community service); and demonstrate academic achievement.