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Each week at our meetings we are privileged to have several special guests join us for lunch. These guests are:
Visiting Rotarians - As we are located in a major tourist area, we host visiting Rotarians from around the world who join us at our meetings while they are in the area.  In fact, all Rotarians are invited to attend meetings of any Rotary club anywhere in the world - and many traveling Rotarians welcome the chance to "connect" with locals especially when traveling internationally.  Spouses, family members and guests of Rotarians are also welcome to join us.
Military Guests - Each week we have a local military member join us for lunch. This is a great way to show military personnel what Rotary is all about - and gives us a opportunity to thank them for their service. Several local military personnel (both active and retired) are members of our Rotary club.
Rogers High School Students - During the school year, two Rogers High School students join us for lunch each week. This provides the students a different view of community service than what they receive through their school community service programs. It also allows them a chance to meet with businessmen and woman to learn about local businesses and career opportunities.  We also invite the recipients of our scholarships to join us - we award many thousands of dollars in scholarships to Rogers High School and CCRI students each year.

Speakers - During most meetings we welcome interesting speakers who present on issues that are relevant to our local or global community. These are typically experts in a field of interest, people with significant community responsibilities people who have interesting stories to share, and many others.  We also plan programs around our individual members - and especially like to hear about the professional and personal backgrounds of our own members.