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The Newport Club was sponsored by the Fall River Rotary Club. The Newport Rotary Club subsequently sponsored clubs in Bristol (1929), Jamestown (1941), and Middletown (1953). Bristol later sponsored Warren (1940) and Middletown subsequently sponsored Portsmouth (1962).

Dr. Norman M. MacLeod served as Club President for the first two years (1923 -24 and 1924-25). Newport Rotarians were active at the onset and participated in many charitable, community and social events in this small city. There are several instances of father/son members and several members have seen their sons or daughters married to the children of other members. As in most small towns, service clubs played an important part in the social fabric of the community.   Later, when women were welcomed to Rotary membership, we began to see instances of mother/daughter and husband/wife/partner members. 

Women were first admitted to membership by Rotary International in 1986. The Newport Club installed its first woman president, Pamela Kopplin (1991-92). Cora Lee Gibbs was the second (1994-95) and Donna S. Maytum the third (1996-97). Maytum was immediately followed by Terri Marcucci Fitch, the club's 75th president, thus marking the first time two women had consecutively held the office of president in this club. Women members generally represent between 30% and 35% of the Newport club's total membership. Rotary International reports a worldwide female representation of approximately 8% - and the United States reports 25% women members.

Total membership in the club has varied widely over the years. Records from 1975 to the present day show a range of 44 to 107 members.