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Dr. Norman MacLeod Physician
Vice President
Robert S. Hayes Coal Dealer, Manager, Newport Coal Company
Edwin O. Andrews Executive Secretary, Social Services, Army and Navy Y.M.C.A.
Edward A. Sherman Local Newspaper, President, T.T. Pitman Corporation (Newport Daily News)
George Rodda Retail Shoes, Partner, George G. Popple Company
Avard L. Marshall Wholesale Provisions, Superintendent, Swift Company
Captain Franck T. Evans Naval Training Station, In Command of U.S.N. Coasters Harbor Island
Warren T. Berry Marine Construction, Superintendent, New England Steamship Company
Rev. John H. Deming Rector, St. George's Episcopal Church
Fred E. Bagley Manufacturer Jewelry & Silverware Cases, Superintendent, Raukert Manufacturing Co.
Packer Braman Real Estate and Insurance Broker, Proprietor
Walter C. Campbell Secretary, Newport Chamber of Commerce
David Caesar Retail Dry Goods Manager, Boston Store
Dr. Francis Corbett Dentist, Proprietor
Arthur B. Comerford Local Manager, New York Life Insurance Company
Charles A. Hambly Undertaker, Proprietor
William R. Harvey Law Practice, Sheffield and Harvey
James T. Kaull Secretary, Newport Co-operative Association
James T. O'Connell Ship's Chandler, Proprietor
Thomas F. Reagan Retail Men's Clothing, Manager J.P. Taylor Company
Admiral William S. Sims Writer and Lecturer, Admiral U.S.N
Robert A. Smith Builder and Contractor, Proprietor
Charles Tisdall Retail Meats, President, Charles Tisdall Company
Harry A. Titus Retail Furniture, Manager and Treasurer, A. C. Titus Company